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  • Kommentare zu: '' Randnotizen - Es ist nie, wie man denkt''

Kommentare zu: '' Randnotizen - Es ist nie, wie man denkt''

gutgutgutgutgutgut | 10.03.2014 19:42 | Schmidt, Hans-Joachim http://hjs1603.jimdo.com/

4 Personen wie sie unterschiedlicher nicht sein können und dennoch sind es Personen unserer Gesellschaft. Das verspricht Spannung.

sehr gutsehr gutsehr gutsehr gutsehr gutsehr gut | 29.07.2014 17:58 | Sylvia Schöningh-Taylor

In his second book, RANDNOTIZEN, Andre Biakowski is diving into the lives of four people at the messy fringe of our Brave NeW World: A tramp, a bottle collector, a priest, broken by celibacy, and a young male prostitute.Bukowski's approach is radical. Ruthlessly questioning his own prejudice, the author is following his protagonists into their world. As I as a reader share the author's apprehension of the dark underbelly of our "advanced society", my heart is opened by the author's authentic voice. Reading I asm getting very close to those "out there", realising they haver the same longing for love and security as us "in here".
And I am learning something new about human dignity from those whom we deny it. Those, who are being excluded from a dignifierd life within society have a higher awareness of the dignity of a human life than those who never had to defend it.
Biakowski never uses polemic. Instead he has found a compassionate, highly subtle language that is going straight to the heart of the reader.A great read!

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